Common Estate Planning Acronyms

Within every professional milieu there is a certain lingo that arises and in lots of cases terms that are type of verbose are lowered down to the initials that represent them.

These acronyms are sometimes then utilized as “words” in their own right, but those who are not knowledgeable about the field might not recognize them. Estate planning is no different in this regard, and listed below you will discover a few acronyms that you will undoubtedly encounter when you are checking out the topic.

In the field of estate planning the initials QPRT represent “certified individual home trust.” These trusts work tools for individuals who require to get rid of the value of their houses from their estates to reduce their estate tax liability. You position your home in the QPRT and call your successor as the beneficiary of the trust. You can then live in the home totally free of rent for a period of time that you clarify in the original contract, so nothing concrete changes in your life however your home is no longer part of your estate for tax purposes.
POD and TOD Accounts

The initials POD stand for “pay on death,” and likewise, TOD means “transfer on death. You can open among these accounts at your bank and name a beneficiary. When you die the assets end up being property of your called beneficiary directly and the deal does not need to go through probate.

For estate planning attorneys the acronym POA represents the legal instrument called a “power of attorney.” When you execute a power of attorney you are empowering somebody to act in your behalf, and this person is described as your attorney-in-fact.

An IRA is an “private retirement account,” and the typical kinds of IRAs that retirement planning lawyers advise can consist of standard Individual retirement accounts, Roth IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, and self-directed IRAs.

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