Common Estate Planning Acronyms

Within every professional milieu there is a certain lingo that arises and in lots of cases terms that are type of verbose are lowered down to the initials that represent them. These acronyms are sometimes then utilized as “words” in their own right, but those who are not knowledgeable about the field might not recognize […]

Inheritance Laws

Inheritance laws are determined on the state level. These laws enter impact when the person who died left no will or his/her will is invalidated due to not following legal rules, being the product of unnecessary influence or pressure, the testator lacking the requisite capacity or for other factors as determined under state law. Furthermore, […]

What Are My Rights Under Neighborhood Property Distribution?

While the bulk of states need that assets be distributed in an equitable division upon divorce, neighborhood property states view all property that was built up during the marital relationship to be the equivalent property of both spouses. Neighborhood Property States Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin are neighborhood property […]

A Lack of Estate Planning

Do you have a legal plan in place in case you should become psychologically handicapped or in case of your death? If not, your household might face a long and stressful time in court. When you do not have an estate plan to handle end-of-life problems such as the distribution of your property and guardianship […]

New Rules for Estate Recovery in Wisconsin

In 2014, the guidelines controling the Wisconsin Estate Recovery program were upgraded to permit Medicaid and other long-term care insurance coverage programs to recover funds from receivers of such coverage after they have actually passed on by claiming parts of their estates. This was part of Wisconsin Act 20, which covered state finances and appropriations […]