Home Sale through Scams

It is possible for a house owned by a single person to sell without his/her authorization by another that does not own the property with any legal claim, and this is often considered a criminal offense. In these circumstances, it is possible, normally through legal support, to reacquire the home when another utilizes scams to […]

Medicaid Myths

The majority of people register for numerous commonly-held misconceptions concerning long-term care Medicaid. This short article seeks to dispel a few of those myths. Long-lasting Care Medicaid is a combination federal/state program that supplies financial support for long-term competent nursing care to certified people. The majority of people who need long-lasting skilled nursing care will […]

Medicaid and the Principal Home

A conversation of your options when attempting to protect your home while receiving Medicaid services. Spending for the high expenses of long term care today can be financially ravaging. For lots of couples the primary residence is their most valuable asset and protecting that possession in the event one or both partners must require long […]

5 Actions to Avoid and Lessen Probate and Trust Disputes

Litigators can be advantageous when there are conflicts over probate and trust lawsuits. Probate and trust litigation can turn families into enemies and transform inheritances into lawyers’ charges. These disagreements can fueled by brother or sister rivalry, combined families, family animosities, monetary requirement, privilege, vengeance, greed, or spite. Litigators have a bird’s eye view of […]

Digital Assets in Estate Planning

Many people account for their property, securities and concrete property as part of their estate plan. However, much of individuals’s lives are now online, potentially leaving a person’s digital possessions unclaimed or even vulnerable to theft. A detailed estate plan need to deal with the handling of digital possessions. Types of Digital Assets There are […]